INE Community Forum Traffic

Is there any way the INE site can have an active link to push traffic to the Community Forum. I notice once I log into my account there really aren’t any links in the header or footer of the site to even show that this platform exists. Also, could you link the Forums with the INE account itself so you don’t force users to log in with a different account?

Just some recommendations from a user perspective.

Yeah, The Only Way one could find the forum is if they watched the Redefine Keynote Event.

I second that. Though in the my INE page, Helpful links are listed at the footer but the Community link is not added.
Also would be better if INE mentions about the Community at the beginning section of the courses or send a welcome email with all necessary links/details, when someone enrolls in a course.

Yes, totally agree with that! I guess they did mention to add the community link to main site, it maybe soon updated. I think in INE pdf section of every lab or course section, they can also mention the community link that would be Ideal.

Exactly, they should share more of this forum in the courses and in the site. I’m trying to share it with all the members in the INE discord server.

In the works! But keep the feedback coming. Always welcomed. -Don


Thanks everybody! Yes, we’re working to integrate the community to my.ine. Thanks for the suggestions!


Has there been any traction on this? 2 months later and still no link in INE for this? Could we just get a quick link in the member drop down list? I seen we got a new layout build on INE but still no link.

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There are a lot to developments happening in the cloud domain from INE… Would like to see similar things for the ELS courses…atleast the roadmap?