INE monthly courses - What's up with that?

Helloooo all,

My question is this: Is INE taking the biscuit with therir montly subcription ?
2 months ago my friend used the monthly scripton for one of ther courses and now I joined to complete same course and have literally no access… SHAME ON YOU INE!!! For misleading advertising.

Prove me wrong and shoe what I can access my an Individual monthly subcription ?
I will be sure to let my colleagues looking at booking same course to know what you doing’/

This shameful INE did the same to me, this is clearly a scam, a low level scam I thought you were better INE, shame on you I’ll never bought a course nor a subscription again, I was thinking about using another account to get my 7 days trial and get access to the coures without paying a single penny, this is my bad for trying to do the right thing… SHAME ON YOU!!!