Issue with LAB ( Hunting Empire)

Hi all,

I have Mac when I’m trying to click shift ctrl alt and del to access VNC server is not worked. I cannot access the server to do the hunting. Please provide me with a solution.

Hi there,

Which lab?


The lab was Hunting Empire in Hunting the Endpoint course.

Here is a few options to send ctrl+alt+del through tightvnc

Press ALTGR + DEL or
Right click on the title of the TightVNC window and select Send Ctl-Alt-Del
Click on the home button


Thank you for that, but actually, i have Mac and I’m connecting to the vnc through kali using vncviewer tool. When a new window opened, I try to click those buttons from my Mac but is not work.

I don’t know about VB, but in Fusion, in your Kali VM, go up to “Virtual Machine” in the top of screen menu and select “Send Ctrl-Alt-Del”

I have tried this, but this was implemented on Kali itself, not VNC server.