Issues with AD lab 1-3

I have started the AD lab 1,2,3 and according to the task and the solution, nothing is where it should.
In lab 2 I could not find the RDP machine to connect to.
In Lab 3 the starting points are not there.
What is going on? Am I reading something wrong or the tasks/solutions/IP ranges are wrong?
Also you can select the keyboard layout before the lab starts but it just does not work.

Is any Advanced PA lab working?
SQLI lab is mysql (the one I found) not even MSSQL
The WSUS lab solution is a few line of copy paste from a totally different lab.
So far this is an awful experience from INE. A complete disaster

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@JustBob is a complete waste of time and money. These issues have been there for many months, and I had no option but to abandon the courses. I don’t really know what INE have done to the AD labs. Have you contacted support yet?

Nop, I was soo lucky I checked this out in 7 day free trial. Instantly deleted my subscription.