Lab 0 - Beginner Series on Prepping for Your 1st INE CyberSec Lab

New to INE’s Cyber Security training? Never did a virtual online lab… ever? We gotchu! There are a few things you need to know, and LMGTFY is not a valid answer. Welcome to Lab 0, an introductory series providing students with the prerequisites needed before tackling your very first hands-on lab in INE’s Cyber Security Virtual Lab environment. Before diving into the technical end of the pool, we’ll start with gentle introductions to the foundational topics of VPNs and Virtual Machines. We will then guide you with demos of setting up your Linux virtual hacking environment, connect to your very first lab, and share some pro tips to get the most out of your training experience and on your way to becoming an expert.


  1. VPN Basics - Video / Discussion
  2. What’s a Virtual Machine? - Video / Discussion
  3. Installing VirtualBox and Importing Parrot Security Edition (Coming Soon)
  4. Installing VirtualBox and Importing Kali Linux (Coming Soon)
  5. Connecting to Your First Lab - Video / Discussion
  6. Linux Essentials for PTS (Coming Soon) - This will be a short video on the absolute minimum Linux skills required to get you started in PTS. We highly recommend getting to know Linux in-depth with Linux Fundamentals for Network Engineers
  7. Sharing Files Between the Host OS and a Linux VM - Tutorial PDF / Discussion

On the first lab in sniffing http and https traffic, all the traffic is encrypted because it’s going through TLS. What is causing this ? What am missing here ?