Lab 12 - Format String Exploitation + ROP


During the steps of tracing the child process with the hashcalc binary within gdb, after the command: ‘set follow-fork-mode child’ has been entered, i am still unable to trace the child process.

Additionally, I have checked to see if the process is catching vfork and fork and there is no difference.

Lastly, I checked to see if I needed to connect within gdb and from another ssh session: netcat 30001, but both didnt work.

Could you please advise?

Thank you.

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Apologies, I solved this confusion.

For anyone wondering: (it was setting the breakpoint before the ‘set follow-fork-mode child’ command)

Once you enter run, in another SSH session enter:

  • netcat localhost 30001
  • id

Then you will see the breakpoint was reached in GDB

Original reply by tbor