LAB 27: From XSS to Domain Admin


I’m stucking at TASK 8: Obtain Domain Admin Credentials.
The mimikatz has been replaced by “kiwi”. So some of the command are not working.
Things I have try:

  • l got Operation timed out when running creds_wdigest.

I also try searching on Google but the amount of information kinda overhead for me.

If anyone know how to solve this lab. Pls guide me.

Thanks in advance.

You could try migrating to lsass.exe before dumping the creds using kiwi if you haven’t already, in my case that worked

ya, what’s your pid?
then ps

You have to use the commands load “kiwi” and then “creds_all” instead from the old version mimikatz

Does the below work when creds_wdigest doesn’t?


Note that your meterpreter may also get attached to an x86 process ( I believe I was when I did the lab ) and you need to migrate to an x64 system process

get pid
migrate [x64PIDhere]
Try again