LAB 27 XSS to Domain Admin estapi Error

I’m getting the following error when using estapi for domain enumeration
could any one help me with it ?


Could you describe the steps you took before and the kind of session you are in? Just trying to figure out if it is a msf issue or a step you’ve missed.


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I have use **multi/browser/java_jre17_provider_skeleton ** and had set target to windows → Obtaining a windows/meterpreter/shell next i loaded extapi
and simply ran

adsi_computer_enum  examplead.lan

[-] Error running command adsi_computer_enum: ArgumentError invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

also tried running a similar module that uses extapi

Similarly, error is given while using adsi_dc_enum examplead.lan

Seems like issue with encoding. ascii-utf8.
I found this as a bug reported at their Github repo. Link
However, you can try updating or downgrading metasploit. Might work.


Will Try it :slight_smile: