Lab - Cannot download vpn file

In the labs of the Malware analysis professional course, nothing happens after pressing the start lab button. There is no button to download the VPN file. Even if I press start lab, the lab shows as “Not running”. But I can connect to the labs of the Incident responder course. I only have the problem in malware analysis professional labs.

If it’s only localized to that specific lab, you can access the Network tab in DevTools, and you’ll get the raw response after clicking the “Download VPN config file” link. You can copy that into lab_name.vpn and connect as you normally would.

I can’t do this because after pressing the start lab button, the “Download VPN config file” button doesn’t come up at all. After pressing the “Start lab” button, nothing changes on the screen.

This is a known issue right now and it’s actively being worked on. Sometimes refreshing the page can help, or using a different browser may help as well.

I’ll reply back again when I get confirmation that it’s been fixed.

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