LAB Find the Secret Server - RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted

Dear fellow,
I need some help with this issue, I just started taking course about Cyber Security, I am planning to shift my career as a Customer Service representative looking forward to this path.
I am new also with this Community hoping you guys to welcome me and I really appreciate your help in advance. Any advice or tips are absolutely helpful for me…
Error Message in the Terminal:

          Ip route add via
          RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted

Done already:
· Reset and restart the lab
· Download the updated ovpn file
· Start the VPN connection using the freshly downloaded ovpn file
· Clear all history from the browser
· Restart the kali VM
· Connect to the VPN
· Configure the DNS Server

I do apologize for this long thread. If I miss something or something I did not do it right please let me know
Thank you so much in advance …


Are you running the command via sudo or under the root account?


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Exactly what Andres mentioned here, almost all network-related operations need privileged permissions to run.
Nmap scans, adding/removing routes, sending crafted packets over the network, etc., they all need sudo/root to run.

A good rule of thumb is as follows: if you see something along the lines of “not permitted”, it most likely needs elevated privileges.