Lab Maintenace Frustration

I have not been able to access the labs for 3 months and as of today, I am being told it will take even longer. Does anyone have an idea why it is taking so long for this maintenance to be completed? It is quite frustrating because I am deep in my CCIE studies and had selected INE and another vendor for my main study platforms and now I cannot even use the many token I have purchased. This is HIGHLY unprofessional of them. I cannot even use what I paid for and do not know when or if I will be able to because I may be at the end of my studies by the time they have their stuff together. I wouldn’t care as much if I didn’t have A LOT of tokens because I could mock the labs elsewhere. SMH.

Have you had anymore luck with this. I bought my subscription in FEBRUARY and have not been able to get through a single course since I started because the labs have legitimately never been available to me. It’s getting out of hand. I love their course material but I need these labs.

Hi. No, I have still gotten no where with this. The last email, which I received yesterday, said they still have no ETA on when labs will return. I reached out to the new CEO about a week ago and she said she would look into it. Frustrated is an understatement. I have 1532 rack rental tokens I have been unable to use for the last 7 months of my CCIE studies. How does such a company not be able to get their equipment up? They have suggested some other stuff, but it is unrelated to what I want to do which is go through the CCIE lab workbooks without having to replicate them as I go. Especially, since I paid for the rack rental already. I’m losing faith that they will get it back up at this point and I will end up with the short end of the stick.

Good to know. I was hoping to have taken my Pentester exam by now and be getting ready for my exploit development cert too! I need these labs!

I am sorry that you also paid money for a product that you are blatantly not receiving.