MacOS DNS resolving issue

Hello all,

I have encountered a DNS resolving issue using MacOS. I cannot access the lab even though with VPN connected (with tun0) and followed this guide, but it doesn’t work on MacOS. One of the issue is the chattr command is not found. Using chflags as stated here is not working either. But when I tried in VMware fusion + Kali image, it worked. Any workaround of chattr to be used in MacOS? Or perhaps any other workaround to resolve the DNS to access the lab. I tried the restart the network, flush the DNS from browser, and many ways provided in this forum but none of them really works. Because I prefer using bare machine instead of VM. Thank you in advance!

Edit: for the additional information, I’m using MacOS Monterey 12.3.1 on Macbook Pro M1 (ARM architecture).