Maybe a dumb question?

In the AD labs… I’m doing Red teaming active directory lab 1 right now for instance. Aside from how navigation through the links at the top is broken and it’s one unsegmented mess of priceless material… It’s not clearly mentioned what the subnet is for the target environment without digging through until you come across it. I finally found it but I’m wondering about the device names (i.e. ELS\WIN10, ELS-CHILD)… Without digging through the walkthrough and adding these devices manually to my hosts file, is there a way to establish some basic DNS services, perhaps at the router? Would adding the gateway address/router for the subnet to my /etc/resolv.conf maybe do this for me?

I feel your pain felt the same way but muscle through it. The IPs for the labs change so adding to resolv.conf or hosts file will need to be updated. Just imagine you are a consultant on the job and your clients have a tiny network with 2000 workstations, 61 server, 17 network devices, 3 telco pops, 4 cloud VPNs…you get my point