More than 50% of WAPTX labs on my account have gone uder maintenence urgently need help


For three day till now i can’t open more than 50% of labs on my account because all have gone under maintenance and I am behind the schedule to finish my labs.
Is there any solution for this issue ?


This is unacceptable. As a worker, I have spare time only in the weekend and now labs are not working. Fix them immediately!


They always replay with no ETA so who knows when this issue will be fixed ? this is not acceptable as it’s a waste of time and money. I can’t believe what’s happening now.

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Was so excited to explore the ELS courses. After bought the subscription, found out that most of the ELS contents are not updated since long time. However, since it’s an AIO platform, i was trying to go through different courses and since last few weeks, the labs are down for multiple days and surprisingly, they don’t know when this maintenance activity will be completed.
Bad experience and totally disappointed. They are ruining their own reputation.


this is turning ridiculous. They don’t answer to emails anymore too. Of course they have time to spam our mailbox with ine’s new courses and trheir poor services. I suppose labs are never going to work anymore