MPLS Load Balancing Lab

I recently completed the MPLS section for CCIE Enterprise. I noticed in the Lab for load balancing that there are conflicting requirements to complete it. To complete the Lab, due to the route-reflector only forwarding one of the paths, despite being set to use multiple paths, is to change the RD on one of the routers (either 6 or 3) so that the route reflector sees them as independant routes and forwards them on to router 8.

This is all fine and good, but the tasks explicitly tell you to use a Route Distinguisher of 100:1. I’m wondering if this is intentional. I’ve read plenty of accounts of people taking the CCIE and getting “impossible to configure” tasks, as they conflict with each other, and this could be an example of that. Or is this just an oversight and a typo?

  • Configure VRFs on R3, R5, R6, and R8 as follows:

    • Configure VRF A on the links from R3 to R7, R5 to Host5, R6 to R7, R8 to R10, and R8 to Host8.
    • Use Route Distinguisher 100:1 and Route Target 100:1.
    • Enable OSPF Area 1 using Process-ID 1 on all interfaces in VRF A.
    • Redistribute between BGP AS 100 and OSPF PID 1.
  • Once complete, you should have full IP reachability between all five hosts.

  • Ensure that traffic to and from Host7 & Host9 to Host5, Host8, & Host10 is load balanced on the circuits from R3 to R7 and R6 to R7.