I’m just bringing this up because I tried to create a ticket on the lab itself, but it is giving me an error. I just wanted to bring this to the attention of whoever puts these courses together. I’m in the PTS pathway and I’m currently on the Vulnerability Assessment area. So I’ve started the “Nessus” video, and Josh Mason, the instructor says “we’re going to revisit Nessus.” But wait… we haven’t jumped into Nessus at all yet. This is literally the first Nessus video, I’ve heard him bring it up, but never dive into how to use it. Furthermore, when I load the lab up and open the Kali instance, there isn’t even Nessus installed on this machine. And since this is my first time “visiting Nessus” despite what the beginning of the video said, it’s all very confusing for a person who has never used this program before. I get that there is Google for searching on how to install and use this program, but isn’t that what this course is for and isn’t that what I’m paying for? To be taught by someone through video lessons on how to use the programs you are doing labs and asking questions about.

I noticed it. There is an error.
The first video about Nessus is in the course “Auditing Foundamentals” that is after “Vulnerability Assessment” course.
They should invert the position.
I follow the solution instead go to the Auditing section, but yes…
There is an error.
As it is, it makes no sense.

PS: I’m talking about PTSv2.