NetBIOS Hacking


I was doing NetBIOS Lab. When I reached Task 8 I got stuck and I looked up for solutions. When I compromised the machine and ran OS Shell I was NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM as I know it is the most powerful user but I was not able to run netuse or net view commands. After that, I impersonated the administrator’s account and I used these commands without any problems. My question is why I could not run netuse or net view commands when I was NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and why I was able to run them with administrator’s account?
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Do you receive any error when you try to run net view?


Thank you for the response.
This is what happens when I try to view shares with administrator and NT authority\system.


When you run net view using nt authority\system, you’re trying to access the share as the computer itself and not with an account.

With the Administrator user you’re using the local account to connect to the share.

You trying to access remote system that has password enforcement policy. You need to be authorized on remote system to be able to access remote file system, but you trying to login/access there(remote system) as SYSTEM account, without password which is means NO ANY SECURITY on remote side if it really allow network connection to authorize itself as SYSTEM account. If you running a task under specified user account then all actions will be done as specified user.

(batch - Unable to Access Network Drive as SYSTEM account on Windows 10(Windows Server 2016) - Super User)

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Thank you very much!!!
I appreciate your support.

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