Network design and configuration

  • Roman
  • Sydney , Australia
  • I am working to a new company, I want to understand my company network and device configuration. How do I go step by step ?

probably the most realistic and achievable approach is to ask if there is a spreadsheet or a table that lists all the sites/locations and for each site, all the IP Prefixes (subnets/netmasks) and all of the networked devices within the prefixes. This way you can begin to study the enterprise patterns (architectures) in use in this enterprise. By that I mean, does the company use a collapsed-core for the LAN’s, or one of the other LAN architectures. You also need to understand how the enterprise has designed the WAN. Do they use DMVPN connectivity, or Site-to-Site IPSec tunnels, MPLS, etc. With this table, you can begin to figure out how the access layers design is implemented. Many enterprises encorporate converged or voice and data services within the access layer design. You need to know the difference between End-User access-layer configuration, and printers and servers. It is not likely, that the company doesn’t have a management table or web-app that has this information. But seeing the information in table or spreadsheet form will help you segment the different design components.