New eJPTv2 course

I have already obtained the certification for eJPTv1 and for my curiosity I am re-studying the whole eJPTv2 course.
Josh Mason and Alexis Ahmed are very good, but I found a bit confusing the general scheme for the new eJPTv2.
Just an example: many things seen in the videos are repeated between one section and another of the course.
The same thing happens for the laboratories. The approach to the course should change in my opinion.
You should follow a more logical scheme: enumeration … divided into 2 parts linux and windows, exploiting linux and windows server, network enumaration, ecc, ecc.
I don’t know if I got the idea? I would have found a better course where the evolution between the various parts was more logical and sequential based on the topics … taking up the various phases of penetration testing and vulnerability assestment.