New labs, more problems, more work? Really?

Hi everybody,

I discovered that many things changed on the Labs of PTP course.

INE announced that only the in-browser-labs are accessible now for a “better user experience”.

However, my experience with these new labs is absolutely terrible, compared with the old.

I cant use any shortcuts on the Kali GUI instance (because its in a browser windows :scream:) suprise, suprise…), the connection crashed multiple times, I cant use my own OS, setup, configuration and tools, … Is it a joke? How is this a better user experience? Does anyone know how to get back the normal VPN-Setup that just worked fine most of the time? I would never have ordered a premium pass if i knew that I would have to use this setup.

Also, the content of the labs changed. I lost about 25% of my course progress. Do I have to run threw all the new labs with old names “again”? Does anyone have information please?

Very disappointed by INE. If they wanted to improve user experience, these decisions dont make since.



I’m actually a little mad. Copy and paste is bad. Can’t test and troubleshoot with own tools now - bad.
Overall experience is bad now; especially about 3/4 through the course.

I would take the open vpn labs, even with minor issues over the new format;
At least they encouraged you to figure out what or why something wasn’t working with your own setup / version.

This is not only for the PTP course. It’s as well for the eWPT and eCPPT courses. They mentioned that this will change for the exams in the near future as well…

As @s.einfeldt-757cb8536 mentioned, you can’t use your own tools/setup/configuration. This will probably happen in the exam in the near future as well.

As I have seen a lot of people are mentioning their frustrations about this and there is no answer from INE on this…you could be sure it won’t change.