No assistance with Deep Dive Troubleshooting

There are no answers or assistance with the Deep Dive troubleshooting topics.
Can we at least get the answers so we can check our work after were done?
It just says there are 10 issues and doesent say what they are for us to check our work.

I agree with this. I am on the MPLS Deep Dive > Troubleshooting MPLS, the last lab. I’ve been stuck there for a while now. I got everything else working but for some reason, host 9 cannot ping host 10. Traceroute from host 9 is not even leaving R9 and only thing I know is the instruction that I cannot make changes to R9.

It would help to see a solution. I try to do these labs myself before looking at the solution but clearly Im missing something and I should not be stuck in that lab for day banging my head on the wall.