No core dump generated in XDS Hidden Function Lab


I am following the solution verbatim from the Hidden Function lab, but I cannot seem to find a core file in the directory where the ‘reader’ program is fed the overly-large input. I have copied the ‘reader’ program to the ~/Desktop dir, but causing a segmentation fault, no core file is generated in the directory.

I have found a _usr_bin_reader.0.crash file in /var/crash, but I do not have permission to view this file (as the ssh login “student”) or to move it, or to feed it to gdb. I think that file was generated by apport.

I have used the find command to search for “core” for the student user and cannot see any file.

I have confirmed that the output from “ulimit -c” is “unlimited”.

I also though to edit the /etc/security/limits.conf, but I do not have permission to do so. I can see in that file that the bottom few lines are commented out (have a “#”) before them.

Is the current solution for the lab still valid? Should I be able to find the core file in the directory that the program was executed, after a segmentation fault, after setting “ulimit -c unlimited”?

Thanks for any pointers/assistance… happy to provide more info if needed.