Openvpn tap mode not supported


when i try to connect with an openvpn config file the following error appears
i tried to manually add the tap0 interface myself but as i expected it didnt work

root@dell7020:/home/ine# openvpn3 session-start  --config find-the-secret-server.ovpn 
Using configuration profile from file: find-the-secret-server.ovpn
Session path: /net/openvpn/v3/sessions/39af13aase389s4f81s9a66sd6c29ab8a0f3
session-start: ** ERROR ** Failed to start new session: Failed calling D-Bus method Connect: GDBus.Error:net.openvpn.v3.sessions.error: Failed communicating with VPN backend: Failed calling D-Bus method Connect: GDBus.Error:net.openvpn.v3.error.client: Configuration parsing failed: ERR_PROFILE_OPTION: option_error: proto_option_error: TAP mode is not supported

I usually connect it in the following way using Openvpn 2.x.
sudo openvpn <VPN_FILE.ovpn> then it will prompt for the credentials.

Here is the INE video on LAB VPN connectivity.


OpenVPN3 currently lacks of support for TAP or bridged connections. Use the latest 2.X version that can be downloaded from Community Downloads | OpenVPN or installed via your package manager. If you need further assistance, please provide information about the OS you are using and we will be able to guide you trough the installation process.