Other hosts and servers in lab network are not online


Hi All,

I am able to connect to the lab network using openvpn. But I see that only my virtual machine is on the subnet, When I run a Nessus or Nmap scan, it says there is no other host active on the network. I am just trying to the labs for Nessus scans and NMAP scans,

Can someone please help?

Thanks a lot.

Try to Run nmap using sudo. Also use -Pn

Can you send the commands you’re running? As @jaa said, you need to run nmap as root

Hi, thanks for responding to my question.

I used the namp -sn <ip adress/ subnet mask> as mentioned in the lab solution.

It does not show any hosts. Today I tried the fping command and it did show the other hosts.

Then I ran the nmap -A command on each individual host that is alive and proceeded with the lab. It worked out fine.

Thanks a lot.