oVPN in Kali disconnects my Lab environment due to 2 DNS's

Hello… I am having problems with labs. Doing Web App Pen Test course. When I connect VPN (ovpn successfully connects) to the Lab environment I have to change DNS form this ( to the DNS ( to access the lab and page (http://info.infogat.site/). I can not have both. While doing labs with BurpSuite and web proxy added to my web browser my labs are disconnecting. The oVPN can not use this DNS ( and it is disconnecting my lab. When I change back to DNS ( and oVPN I can connect to Lab but can not access this: http://info.infogat.site/. It is like one DNS from Virtual Box is stopping me from doing Lab but I have to change the main DNS to one given in Lab scenario to access the current lab environment. One is blocking the other. Both can not work together. What I can do to solve this…? It happens so many times… Thx Marcin


I often open the lab outside of my VM to avoid this. Download the configuration file in the VM, then open the lab on your host, as well.

Hi… sorry… but do not follow how… I am doing all in Kali… I have to use Burp Suite which is in Kali and I can not open labs in my host… all should be in Kali… but… if you can, please… write to me step by step… thx regards Marcin

  1. open lab in VM, download ovpn file
  2. open lab in host to ensure connectivity so lab does not shut off and you can read instructions
  3. connect to vpn in vm and do the lab like normal

That way, if you need to look at the instructions on ine.com, you can

OK… Thanks… will try that…