Penetration Testing Student (ejpt) course is not available with starter pass after a month

Hello Everyone,

I started learning Penetration Testing Student beginner level course 1 month ago. I couldn’t able to find the course now on the portal with the starter pass. So I am assuming that the starter pass has limited days of course accessibility. could anyone please give me clarity on this.

I will be looking forward, thank you!

I’m stay at the same situation. Anybody can give us a solution or explain whats happen.


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Hi, same here. I’m not able to access it anymore since 1 Mar 2023. The access was okay for the past 3 months with my starter pass. Is it because the website has achieved the course?


I’ve been having the same issue starting few days back, I’m not sure what’s causing this issue, but I suppose it’s somehow an issue from INE’s end. As if it was some limitation from the site then I don’t think the page would show an error 404 page not found.

Please keep us posted in case of any updates!
cc: @INE_SocialMedia