Pentration Testing Student - eJPT and eJPT v2 connection

Just started the PTS course but, not clear on eJPT and eJPT v2 connection. I see both are available in the course catalog.

Will there be a link at the end of PTS that connects you to the eJPT v2 at the end of it?

Does the eJPT disappear after a time?

Do we complete the course material for eJPT before going onto the eJPT v2?

While we wait for an official answer I can tell you about my own experience. I’ve finished the course v1 (Lucasz Mikula instructor) and I’m studying the v2 as well. As far as I can tell, the courses are different - sometimes, very different - especially for the methodology: in v1 you find many slides and few videos, in v2 (at least, up to now) just videos. Also, the matters treated are, sometimes, very different. I think that studying both worth the time spent.
By the way, a very important module included in v2 and regarding the Metasploit Framework always returns a 404 error and needs to be fixed:

Yesterday I wrote an e-mail to the support at INE, highlighting the issue, but I didn’t get any reply yet, apart an automatic one.

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Thanks, planned to do both if it isn’t removed. I took a look at the curriculum in v2 after noting that PTS didn’t progress into it.

You’re welcome. BTW, the course about Metasploit included in v2, that was missing till yesterday, as I wrote previously, is now available online. Started studying it this morning, it’s very interesting. In v2, definitely INE supplied much more study material about Metasploit, which is a fundamental tool for pentesters.

Hi, where did you find the Metasploit course link as the one in the Learning Path still returns me a 404 error?

Hi, yes, once in a while it still returns a 404 error. The error is intermittent. I emptied the cache of my browsers and I was able to connect to the course using Safari (iPad) and Chrome (PC). Right now, using Chrome on my PC I’m able to access this URL with no error:

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Much appreciated. Clearing the cache fixed it. Thank you!

You’re welcome, glad I could help :slight_smile: