Preparation for eJPT

I Have Finished the course and all the labs in the PTS Course for eJPT. I Plan to give the eJPT soon but i am still not confident enough and i want to learn a bit more and practice it. Where Should I start?

I do recommend going over the course’s black boxes several times and take plenty of notes on how you exploited them!! I also do recommend practicing what you learned in the course over at TryHackMe!! Doing that helped me A LOT to pass the eJPT.

I wish you all the success in your exam :slight_smile:


Make sure you do the Find the Secret Server lab until you know it by heart.


What difficulty level are the Black Boxes or labs as compared to the actual eJPT Certification Exam?

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The going idea is that they are more difficult.

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I felt that the exam was more difficult than the 3 black boxes in the course, but that’s my opinion!!

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If you know the material in the course and have completed and understand the black boxes (which I felt were much more difficult) then you will do just fine. When I took the exam I completed it in around 8 to 9 hours and you are given 72 so plenty of time to take breaks if you need it and get your focus back with out feeling rushed.


U can try doing black boxes and if u have completed all the labs then its fine you are prepared. Just be confident. But if you still need to practice more u can give a shot in tryhackme or HTB (Little higher but fine)