Proble with keyboard in the labs

Hi! In some labs of eJPTv2 learning path i have problems typing some simbols like: | or , i have ES layout, anyone have the same problem?


Hey there,
I’m also experience that problem.
In my case the selected Keyboard Layout is not respected by the LAB environment.


I have problems when i have to press alt gr + another key.

I’m using spanish layout, you have found some solution?

Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution so far.
But for me it’s exactly the same behavior with alt gr + key.
I’ve already informed the INE Support about it but they haven’t provided a solution so far.


I have found a solution, if I want to write “|” in the terminal, instead of pressing “alt gr + 1” what I do is to press “ctrl + alt + 1” and it works as if it was “alt gr”.

I don’t know why xD

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