PTP / eCPPTv2 Exam Preparation and Key Topics

Hi everybody,

I work as a pentester since over a year now and now with PTP/eCPPTv2 I am doing my very first pentesting certificate.

I am interested in whether all of the 7 sub-courses are relevant for the exam. The last subcourse (Exam Preperation) contains only modules of the Network Security course. Are only the subcourses System Security and Network Security tested or are all subcourses relevant for the exam?

Also I wanted to ask which key topics are tested during the exam. I think the course offer many many possibilities to dive deeper into all the teached topics and techniques, but since it is my first exam and I dont really know whats coming I would appreciate to know which topics I should set my focus on.

I would also be interested in the “depth” in which the learned skills are tested. It would be super nice if someone who already has experience with the course and the exam can help me here!