PTP LAB - PowerShell for Post-exploitation and Lateral Movement

Hi everyone.

I’m working on lab " PowerShell for Post-exploitation and Lateral Movement" of PTP course. When I try to launch the nmap on all 65535 ports on the host, the time to complete is always bigger (for example, after 4 minutes the time remaining will increase about one hour).

I saw the solution for this question and I saw that the time elapsed for the same scan was about five minutes.


Of course, on the other host target the time of execution of scan is acceptable as happened for the others labs.

How this is possible? How I can continue with this lab?

Thank you,
kind regards.

Nmap scan will take time sometimes happens, instead first do the port scan alone with -v and divide the ports 2/3 parts so it will reduce the time… and at the ends try to use --open ( for only open ports ).