Quiz Answers and features

Checking the quiz content for cloud security courses.
I had observed that there was no solution to the quiz section. Am i missing any tab to find the solution or is it designed in that way? (Obvio: I get the solution if answer choice selected is correct)
If yes, it would be nice to get the solution after some threshold of failure (Example: 3times). Just an suggestion

I think it’s meant to be this way to mimic exam questions and the lack of a detailed response you’ll get after the real thing.

@twallace-af7d9bafcde - Can you confirm?

This is a hotly debated topic within the content team right now. Currently, this is by design, but that may change. I will forward your feedback to the team. Thanks for taking the time to let us know your thoughts.


@twallace-af7d9bafcde - That would be great, thank you :slight_smile:

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As @twallace-af7d9bafcde mentioned, that’s on our horizon. Last improvement we did to Quizzes was the ability to leave the quiz and come back to resume the same attempt, so you can go, check and continue with the quiz. Your answers are stored in the attempt when you press next.


Ohh that’s nice, didn’t try that feature yet, since usually i complete the quiz and navigate. Will try it!

@Don Also, since we are in page of feature discussion, can all INE courses wrt to videos can we try an offline or download feature like we have for streaming application(Download only in application not device download). As this would be ideal for travelling personnel where bandwidth coverage is low and also if possible to get mobile app. (These will really help commuters to learn on the go). Also certain topics need an update especially in cyber security courses.
Just an suggestion, I guess it must have been in your ideas already. (Just excuse if i might have posted in wrong place)


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Feedback is always welcomed. We do however want to avoid getting way off topic.

But just to quick answer your questions… DLing the videos have been discussed and not in the plans ATM. However, we do have an INE mobile app. I use it and have watched numerous videos this way. As for the cybersec courses, we’ve hired a bunch on new instructors and it is on their priority list to update courses. During the redefINE event, it was announced that new courses will begin to be released monthly.

Hope that helps,


@Don Thanks for update! Yes did watch redefine hoping for new updates soon excited for that.
Thank you so much for taking your time to respond. Really appreciate :slight_smile:


@Don @twallace-af7d9bafcde Thank you. As I had observed, the quiz section interface is changed and provided with correct answers post completion.
Thanks for taking our feedback.

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