Quiz Question Query - AZ 500

I was solving this particular quiz question, but i believe the answer options to this should have been Failures tab (c) instead of Application Map (B).

You have a web application that is dependent on two services, a storage account, and an Azure SQL database. You are receiving intermittent HTTP 500 response codes. You need to quickly determine which component is failing. What is the fastest way to graphically see all of the elements of the solution and see which elements are failing, using Application Insights? (select one)
A) Live Metric Stream
B) Application Map
C) Failures
D) Performance

Since we directly see failures tab for any failing component, as Application map is just mapping all events/entities wrt to application. Myself maybe wrong but wanted review.
@twallace-af7d9bafcde Can you tell me your opinion regarding this?

The answer to this is actually B) Application map. The application map shows a visual diagram of the web app and any identified services. The map will show communications between the web and the services, including errors that occur. This is a great high-level view of what is going on in a complex, multi-service system. The failures tab will show you errors, but it is not graphical and is better for tracking the details of the error.

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