Red Teaming Active Directory Lab#1 (Covenant C2 vs ELS.LOCAL)

Having a LOT of trouble compiling the SpoolSample.cs I don’t have much experience with C code and what I do is with c++ but I didn’t think it was THIS different. First I tried cross compiling with i686-w32-mingw64-gcc despite that it was recommended to do it in VSCode. When I caved on that, I tried with code-oss from linux which also failed before I realized the writeup mentioned doing it on a dedicated windows machine… which is just as useless in my hands. Seems to be having trouble with the dotnet framework version and path to something called “Microsoft.Common.Props”? I’m on Windows11 with VSCode 2019 .NET Framework 6.0 and I think this lab was done with Vscode 2013 or 2015 & the script config says .NET version 4.5? OS won’t allow me to install 4.5 and I’m wondering if there’s any advice to help?

Hi there. I recommend you download one of these machines Virtual Machines - Microsoft Edge Developer and install the older versions of VS (not code). Unfortunately you have to find the links to the older VS & .NET versions as they are not easy to find but I was able to find it through some googling.
Install all the right packages and it’s a simple build solution.

Download a Windows virtual machine - Windows app development this has the newer versions of VS. Recommend you grab one of these VMs as well. Some older projects will build on the new versions of .NET but some won’t. Just try and experiment.