redefINE '21!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the forums as announced at our Keynote event for redefINE!

Feel free to use this thread to ask questions or just get as hyped as I am about all our upcoming changes!

You can see it in any of these places:


Day 1 was so insightful and full of huge announcements! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for days 2 and 3!


Shame Sweetiepie wasn’t a part of the keynote. Are they even listening? :rofl:


Oops - almost made that the solution! :sweat_smile:

gratuitous Sweetie Pie pic will be in a new forum that we can share our furry loved ones!

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I just want to say that the event video & audio are superb!! The graphics used are beautiful, the sound is amazing, LOVE the music!! Kudos to all involved in the event’s production!! :slight_smile:

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Now THAT is a forum I will be SUPER active in!!! :rofl:

Anyone have an idea of when the tshirts from RedefINE will be sent out to participants who were lucky enough to snag one?

Music was amazing! Speakers and chosen topics are really awesome.
What really surprised and eagerly waiting are the new updates to the site.

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I haven’t received it, you?

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