SOC Analyst!

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How is your day going ?! I have a question.

I’d love to work as SOC analyst in the future as my first Cyber Security job, so what INE’s courses would you recommend that will best help to prepare for the relevant field?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate all your advices!.

As per the threat hunting professional course description,

During the learning process, you will leverage tactical threat intelligence, memory forensics, endpoint/IDS/IPS events, uncommon data sources, and SIEM solutions among others.

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Awesome decision!
SOC Analyst literally has many roles to perform and fulfil as they are the first responder if any incident occurs or I can say it as first responder in Incident response cycle.
I think u can go ahead with learning Incident Handling and Response and later with Threat Hunting.

If you have basics in log analytics and defense mechanisms, u can go with threat hunting as @jaa suggested.

Hope if helps :slight_smile:

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Hey @thecyberguy007, @jaa

I really appreciate the suggestions, I think I got the answer for myself! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

ty ty!!