Socket programming in course "Penetration Testing: Preliminary Skills & Programming"

Hello All,
I am currently preparing for eJPT and going through course " Penetration Testing: Preliminary Skills & Programming". I was enjoying the module “C++” pretty much but got a bit disappointed when I saw the lab exercise at the end of the course. The lab is good and program created is also very good but the problem is I am not able to understand the program and most the elements used in the program is not covered under the module or any other previous course. The module introduce basic concepts of C++ but program starts with structure and socket programming which is advanced level topic and should be covered in great depth before directly using in the lab.

I do agree that references are provided but I am expecting to cover all the required information in the course itself. Kindly help me in making the concepts of socket programming clear.

I am also going through the eJPT course and understand the frustration with not understanding socket programming. Admittedly, I am not highly experienced at C++ programming (yet)…but I think the C++ (and other programming languages covered in the “Preliminary Skills & Programming” section) are there to just get you familiar enough with these programming languages to “get your feet wet”, so to speak, and put you on the path to choosing a language that you want to learn in greater depth first, before moving on to learn another language. That seems to be the way the entire course is set up, not just with the various programming languages, but other concepts as well (networking, to start with).

I wouldn’t get too concerned about not understanding the socket programming aspect of C++ in detail…not at this point, anyway. Work your way through the course. When you finish the course, then choose which language to learn in-depth first. Learning a particular programming language is going to be an entire course in itself. Good luck to you!