Solutions to Labs


I’m wondering if there’s a way to see the solutions to all the labs. Some have the solutions spelled out, but some don’t.

It is kinda frustrating when you don’t know what to do and there’s no guidance…

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean with " to see the solutions to all the labs"? Can you give me an example of lab without solution?
Thanks! :smiley:

Hey, thanks for responding.

One example is the File and Resource Attacks Challenge #1 - Tomato Lovers 1.

There is only the Scenario, Objective, and What You Will Learn. No actual Solutions (screenshots, etc. actual solutions).

Challenges and labs are 2 different things: the challenge doesn’t have walk throughs, you need to do them by yourself :grin: :raccoon:


P.S If you have any issue or want some hints, you can ask here or in the discord server, you’ll always find someone willing to help!

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Hey, thanks for your response.

I totally missed this : " * Challenges labs do not have solutions; otherwise, why call them challenges? If you study the course and think like a penetration tester, you will achieve the goal!"

I think I’m still used to the eJPT format where there were only labs with solutions.


Good luck and happy hacking! :grin: :smirk: