Sqlmap and dirbuster installation on windows

can somebody help on how to install sqlmap and dirbuster on windows 10. thank you.

Sqlmap is a tool written in python. Download the zip file https://sqlmap.org/ You can execute the sqlmap.py and it will work if python is installed on your windows machine.

About dirbuster, though i havent tried it on a windows machine, its a java based application and if java is installed, you can run dirbuster tool.

These tools comes preinstalled on kali/parrot and i guess mostly all use it to perform these kind of tasks.

NB: A quick google search gives a lot of tutorials on the installation & more

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If you would like to utilize penetration testing tools on Windows, i would recommend taking advantage of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The Microsoft store allows you to install Kali Linux.

You can learn more here: Win-KeX | Kali Linux Documentation

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@AlexisA thanks. i was able to install win-kex. everything works fine.

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