Stuck on MySQL Basics Lab


So I’ve run into a small issue with the first MySQL lab in the PTS course. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve got the /etc/shadow file open. The lab is asking me to "Find the system password hash for user “root” (Only password hash, NOT the hashing algo number or the salt): "

From the /etc/shadow/ file I have this output for the line of root. root:$6$eoOI5IAu$S1eBFuRRxwD7qEcUIjHxV7Rkj9OXaIGbIOiHsjPZF2uGmGBjRQ3rrQY3/6M.fWHRBHRntsKhgqnClY2.KC.vA/:17861:0:99999:7:::

Shouldn’t the password hash be what is in between the two first colons? $6$eoOI5IAu$S1eBFuRRxwD7qEcUIjHxV7Rkj9OXaIGbIOiHsjPZF2uGmGBjRQ3rrQY3/6M.fWHRBHRntsKhgqnClY2.KC.vA/

I try not to get help other than looking up things online, but I’ve been stuck here for awhile now. This is the page I found regarding the file and how to read it.

You are close!

Within the hash field, the $ acts as another delimiter. Thus, the first field is the hashing algorithm, the second field is the salt, and the third field is the hash output:


Hope that helps!


It did help indeed! Thank you!