Summer of Participation - Weekly Contest for Top Contributors

Welcome to the new INE Community Forums

As with any community, it’s nothing without your contributions. Since we’re mostly starting from scratch, it’s kind of bare. So we need your help to quickly grow a repository of helpful posts. Use the INE Community Forums to find a Learning Path study partner or group, ask questions when stuck on a course, offer resources that were helpful to your learning process, offer career advice and guidance… the community is yours! But knowledge is not your only reward. We will be choosing a weekly “top” contributor for prizes. A top contributor is not the person that posts the most but has the most engaging posts or best helps fellow students. Quality over quantity!

An internal committee will make nominations each Monday of those they feel have the most impact on our community, and an announcement will be made soon after that of our Top Contributor of the Week. Starting June 15th and for the rest of June and July, each winner will be given an INE Swag Box. Each weekly winner will be added to a final End of Summer Drawing to win a full, annual INE Premium Subscription.

Thanks and good luck,
The INE Community Team

That sounds AWESOME!! INE swag is amazing!


I love this! May the interaction begin!!


This is a great idea! What a wonderful community to be part of!


Nominations are in, and our first winner has been chosen. So you all can take a breather… but not too long. Our eyes are already focused in on picking next week’s winner, and we have some early front-runners! But at this early stage, it doesn’t take much to make an impression of the judging committee. :wink:

Stay tuned for the official announcement tomorrow.