Thanks to eJPTv2 instructors, some questions about the exam


I recently finished the eJPTv2 course. I want to thank Josh Mason and Alexis Ahmed for the great hands-on content. Only one thing to point out: I would have liked more content on social engineering, but overall the course was well structured.

I plan to take the exam shortly but I am new to this exam mode. I have some questions.

May I ask some questions about the exam?

In particular:

  • How are the answers handled? For example, remember the labs. If you have a question requiring a flag or some hash, you have a space to enter it. If I wrongly enter a typo this way, is the question permanently submitted, or can I change it?

  • In case I reset the exam lab, do I lose previously answered questions, or do they remain in place?

  • The exam is 48 hours straight, or can I pause it and resume it the next day?

Many thanks in advance.