THP - lab 4 splunk

Hi all ,

I face issue with lab 4 splunk , while i tried to connected VPN the msg apper " Under maintenance

We’re sorry, but this lab is currently under maintenance. Please try another lab or try again in a few minutes.

If the issue is not resolved, please email us at"
, kindly any one help me to fix the issue


We’re excited to have you join the INE Community! I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with the Hunting with Splunk lab. As you may have heard, we are currently experiencing a broad hardware issue across the entirety of our VPN lab platform which we are in the process of actively resolving. As a result, you may interminably receive this error message until we are able to restore our lab environment to a fully stable state.

Please follow us on Twitter (@INE) or on LinkedIn to get all the latest updates as we finalize our solution to these lab issues. Please reach out to us at if yo have any questions about your specific circumstance.

Have a great day!


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Yeah the struggle is real @eng.battall-9c862a31! I also have the same issue.

I have been playing around with a few challenges on Blue Team Labs to keep these hunting muscles healthy. Check them out until these lab issues get resolved!