Threat Hunting - Multiple Labs Down


I’m sure a few of you taking this course are aware that a number of labs are currently down for maintenance. Another member had mentioned that the support was unable to directly provide an ETA on this issue, which is understandable.

These labs are as follows:

  • Hunting with ELK Lab 3
  • Hunting with Splunk Lab 1
  • Hunting with Splunk Lab 2
  • Hunting with Splunk Lab 3
  • Hunting with Splunk Lab 4
  • Hunting with Splunk Lab 5
  • Hunting at Scale with Osquery

I’m sure there is some work going on and I empathise with those handling high workloads, but would there still be any information as to what is currently going on with these ones in particular? I believe they are one of the core topics inside the course, and it would be important that they would be fixed at some point.

I also have an issue with all of these, except Hunting with ELK Lab 3. When I mentioned this to INE’s support team, they did mention they would speak with their Development team soon, so fingers crossed!