Threat Hunting Professional - Sample Report for Exam?

I am prepping for the threat hunting professional exam and so far love the content of the course. I am looking to get some help with the final test pattern. I do see there is a report to be submitted, anywhere can I find a sample of the report how it will be? and any other things that I need to be aware of before I sit for the test? any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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i havent gotten that far to the reporting part but i would say make a report like a pentest report

Thank you @kunrinokami-d9f4f722. I am currently prepping for the test and targeting for August!

Probably a report with IOC, remediations and suggestions should be enough. I’m pretty sure they will give you the scope and what to add in the report during the exam :smiley:

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ELS old forum had the reporting templates. However, like many, i’m also unable to access it. Access issue it seems.
The link to the report template is now returning 403 forbidden error.
If you need syllabus, i found this online :

@Don @SecITguy Most of the ELS links are not working. I wish if INE can put all the syllabus and preferred reporting templates at one accessible location (at least for the members).

Probably it’s the same reporting guide you can find in the “Penetration Testing Professional”. I was able to find the PDF online here

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Actually I haven’t undertaken the threat hunting course and exam yet, as planning for it later.

However regarding the report, please find below sample report which we usually consider as example/sample case-study whenever we create an threat hunting report. Just we correlate this report with our analysis of IOC’s, IOA’s, our suggestions, remediation’s.

You can simulate similar report for your data. (U can neglect the graphical representations in the report)
Hope it helps for your exam.

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