Unable to access lab for past 4 days

I am unable to access the lab for the past 4 days,as it is showing under maintenance. I am not even getting a reply from INE support mail. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

Same here. I am actually prepping for the exam and wanting going through those machines one last time, but I can’t seem to access them either…

I can’t access eWTPx labs for the last 10 days. No response from support either. Absolutely unacceptable situation.

The same here. I want to attempt the waptx exam next week and no access to labs from around 10 days. No response from INE sad :frowning:

Yes, in another post some people mentioned the same experience…

The response to email is not that fast, considered they have a SLA of 2 business days… :wink:

Today I experienced that for example the eWPT exam preperation course has been disappeared. You get a 404 page asking you: “HOW DID YOU GET WAT OUT HERE?”

I think they better could asking us “how can we help you?”

Are you able to see your active course with labs?

I’ve added some screenshots about the labs (course)

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Yeah same here - I just noticed all the labs have disappeared from the Threat Hunting course too…

Same here, labs have disappeared. For how long is this happening?

Last week it was only the labs which could not be started. An message was shown that the lab was not starting because of maintenance. The whole lab, I’ve no idea. I noticed it this morning when I had a day off and I really want to finish some modules.

So maybe since last weekend, since they are working on it I guess?

Me too, I sent an Email yesterday and I hope they will solve it soon!!

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INE’s CEO seems to have released a newsletter on this → Message from INE CEO, Richard McLain | INE

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Any idea about elearnsecurity exam vouchers? I am not prepared with the labs and my voucher expires very soon which is frustrating

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Good question… I honestly have no idea myself…

All I am doing now is going to the TryHackMe site and searching up concepts like Yara, Wireshark, Network Miner, Splunk, Redline and going through the courses there… It may not be everything provided on the INE labs, but it’s good practice, so check it out sometime.

P.S. Some labs would need a subscription, but they are quite helpful.
P.P.S. I am not promoting other sites, just sharing what’s helping me move forward!

The exam labs are available…

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Thanks so much for confirming that!

I still need to practice a bit more before I can feel comfortable enough to begin the exam, and the only place I can do that now is on other Blue Teaming labs I found on TryHackMe, BTLO and HackTheBox…

Can confirm a lot are getting back and available but still some are missing. My main concern is still there regarding the vouchers as I didn’t find any assurance regarding that.

Thanks again for your comment and feedback

eCTHPv2 is finally back, but no refund provided by the customer support as said many time. It was just a bait to keep the customers calm. feel a little bit scummed.

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