Unable to connect to certificate error

ATTENTION! The server uses and invalid security certificate which can not be trusted for
the following identified reasons(s);

  1. Certificate issuer is not trusted by this system.

    Issuer: CN=WIN10

Review the following certificate info before you trust it to be added as an exception.
If you do not trust the certificate the connection atempt will be aborted:

Subject: CN=WIN10
 Issuer: CN=WIN10

Valid From: Tue Jun 22 16:32:58 2021
To: Wed Dec 22 15:32:58 2021

Certificate fingerprints:

   sha1: a489c26709626f80d2021ddafe1580183f677920
 sha256: 9a7714fe5f517be6e1e75e6bb7c6499a733b7acf63800a94351597b392af2bc3

Do you trust this certificate (yes/no)?

Hi @lvalverde94-ac226d30 , Can you elaborate the scenario?.
The lab machines mostly be using self signed certificate. Did you get this error while doing your PTS lab and trying to access a lab webserver @ In that case, it’s ok to trust the certificate.

Hi @jaa Thank you for reaching me out.

I’m in the Data Exfiltration lab in which a RDP connection to is required, but when I tried to established it I faced the certificate issue error and when I hit the y key to trust it the error message just keeps popping up

Did it throw any error code/messages? It could be better if provide a screenshot.

Some prompts require complete statements ‘yes’ instead of just ‘y’. Maybe That could be the issue.


@parzival Thank you very much, the complete statement was the issue. I didn’t know that about it.

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Happy to Help! :grin: This is why we love INE’s Virtual Lab Approach, it helps learn much more practically.

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