Unable to log on to server after vpn connection

I am have an issue with log on to the server after the vpn connects. Unless there is a routing statement, I believe that the example on the cybersecurity user guide is incorrect it has a ip which will open a log on webpage. However, when I review the logs for the openvpn it shows that I am assigned a 192.168.210.XX IpAddr. See below

2022-01-03 09:44:25 DEPRECATED OPTION: --cipher set to ‘AES-128-CBC’ but missing in --data-ciphers (AES-256-GCM:AES-128-GCM). Future OpenVPN version will ignore --cipher for cipher negotiations. Add ‘AES-128-CBC’ to --data-ciphers or change --cipher ‘AES-128-CBC’ to --data-ciphers-fallback ‘AES-128-CBC’ to silence this warning.

2022-01-03 09:44:25 OpenVPN 2.5.5 Windows-MSVC [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [PKCS11] [AEAD] built on Dec 15 2021

2022-01-03 09:44:25 Windows version 10.0 (Windows 10 or greater) 64bit

2022-01-03 09:44:25 library versions: OpenSSL 1.1.1l 24 Aug 2021, LZO 2.10

2022-01-03 09:44:45 TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET]

2022-01-03 09:44:45 Attempting to establish TCP connection with [AF_INET] [nonblock]

2022-01-03 09:44:45 TCP connection established with [AF_INET]

2022-01-03 09:44:45 TCP_CLIENT link local: (not bound)

2022-01-03 09:44:45 TCP_CLIENT link remote: [AF_INET]

2022-01-03 09:44:45 [Hera Openvpn Cluster] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET]

2022-01-03 09:44:46 open_tun

2022-01-03 09:44:46 tap-windows6 device [OpenVPN TAP-Windows6] opened

2022-01-03 09:44:46 Notified TAP-Windows driver to set a DHCP IP/netmask of on interface {849C1D94-8CC7-416D-BFD1-D84A8E473AA4} [DHCP-serv:, lease-time: 31536000]

2022-01-03 09:44:46 Successful ARP Flush on interface [25] {849C1D94-8CC7-416D-BFD1-D84A8E473AA4}

2022-01-03 09:44:46 IPv4 MTU set to 1500 on interface 25 using service

2022-01-03 09:44:51 Initialization Sequence Completed


The user guide provides the following example (page 14 of the ine cybersecurity user guide)


that leads me to conclude that we should be logging on to a website page with a 192.168.210.xx IpAddr

Please advise.