Voted Running the lab on my VM

When I open the lab page it tries to connect me through his environment instead of giving me the VPN file and credentials to log in via my VM
this is what appears to me

As per me, it;s because ine has done web based labs now .

I think so but, how can I do it on my VM

Sadly, I don’t think that is an option anymore… Probably they call it an enhancement in experience…for stability and quality…

But I can imagine you want your own machine connecting through a VPN, so would I, if it was/is possible.
In the attacking machines of INE, I can’t find a few great tools, or install them… But that does not help you. Sorry.

Why not simpy add the browser based option to the VM option? Why replacing it? :frowning: I’d really like to do the exam preperation labs under exam conditions and use my own VM for this. I also often have connectivity and usability issues with the browser based instance. I understand that some user might like to have a simple browser based solution and don’t want to set up a Kali VM for this, but for someone who already has a VM and trains for the eJPT, this is a huge downgrade!


Agree! It feels like a downgrade