What's your "Did that Just Happen?" moment in tech?

We want to hear from you! What’s your “Did that Just Happen?” moment in tech? We are looking for humor, blunders, or audacious stories about users, engineers, managers, family, or whoever else! We will grab the best ones and read them off on a future INE Live with commentary.


  1. Change names and don’t include personal or business information/details (Don’t DOX)
  2. Keep it professional (PG-13), no need to gross people out.
  3. Our choice of the best story wins!

Retail tech years ago, had a user try to repair their broken/missing laptop hinge with a cabinet hinge… would have worked if he hadn’t drilled it in through the actual panel by accident. The screen was now destroyed as well.

Got several tickets working ServiceDesk that said “there is poop on the ground @ [various locations here] that needs to be cleaned up” and it was ALWAYS inside or outside of a courthouse for some reason- not an IT issue.

Same job; had a user complain he hadn’t been getting emails from his manager for the last few months. …turns out he had created a rule that sent all of his boss’ emails directly to junk when he was mad one day and had forgotten about it. Love that one.

Probably many more…

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